PERS for Public Places

Emergencies can happen anywhere: at sports facilities, schools, stores, community centers, medical clinics, or the beach. Unexpected accidents are overwhelming which makes knowing what to do next difficult. In the event of an emergency time is of the essence, finding a phone, dialing the number and explaining the details of the situation take time. If a PERS is installed in the major zones of an area anyone can press the help button to reach the monitoring station for assistance.

Mount PERS devices in accessible places or delegate specific personnel to wear or carry a portable pendant at all times. This way the touch of a button will put user in contact with monitoring station personnel right away.

In an urgent situation the onset of panic inhibits one’s ability to think clearly, remember the proper procedure and execute emergency protocol. PERS simplifies the whole process, once alerted the monitoring station can retrieve information like addresses and phone numbers. In the mean-time the user can calm down and tend to the person in need of care. Heart attacks, strokes, seizures and many other serious ailments can happen anytime, be prepared with PERS.