The benefits of a Personal Emergency Response System are for everyone. Accidents within the confines of the home often come as a surprise, but one can prepare by having precautionary measures in place. The two-way voice capability of a PERS facilitates on-the-spot communication to quickly and efficiently deal with any situation. Some areas of the home are more problematic than others. For example, the risk of incident is greater anywhere there is water.

To combat this issue waterproof PERS devices monitor action around the pool or in the bathroom, and provide professional assistance in the case of an accident. Since children are innately curious; they will taste, open and play with anything. Install PERS devices in problematic household areas to ensure the safety of your family. Leaving your child in the care of a babysitter? At times, locating and remembering important phone numbers can be difficult, especially in an emergency situation. Simply program PERS with multiple numbers and direct-line communication will be available at the press of a button. Quick response time, accessibility and user ease combined with 24/7 monitoring reinforce the overall safety of the home for everyone.